Prophecy of the Circle Cosplay!

Wow, about time I posted something here. I’m just not very good at talking about myself, am I?

Annnnnd I’m still not gonna. Here! No, this is something a reader of mine’s been doing, and it is so very, very, very cool. I have to show it off. There’s Eika and Koro cosplay! And it’s magnificent! =D

Tim over on DeviantArt and I have been talking back and forth for a while to get the details right, but here are the results. That is a fantastic interpretation if I do say so, and I am so flattered. So, so flattered. Go see! Go see! It’s so cool. If cosplay is your kind of thing and DeviantArt is your kind of place, I recommend giving him a watch, too. It’s worth it, and he’s a fantastic fellow. He’s also got a Tumblr, if that’s your platform of choice.

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