All righty! Witness the results of my efforts to get this site looking and acting more permanent and functional. I wanted a bit more navigation capability from the home page and a framework that I could easily add on to, besides.

I’ve also gotten and added a Twitter feed! Mostly this was due to the realization that my life does occasionally threaten to get in the way of the comic (although I am valiant in defeating what madness it throws at me), and it would be good to have an easily updated system for letting you guys know what’s happening over here. As it is Twitter, it’ll be full of the inanities of my life, but it is also full of relevant comic updates! Hopefully that’ll be awesome for at least a few of you.

Now, the real good stuff. There’s a brand new feature. My brother had a burst of wisdom when I asked for his opinions on the story thus far. He noted that with stories like mine that take place in locations that are so far distant from our own planet Earth, the first thing that new readers want to do is to orient themselves in the new world. I’d already been building a wiki on the side for my own personal use, so following his suggestion of integrating it into the site as a world encyclopedia wasn’t terribly hard. You can find your way to it from the sidebar. I’ll do my darndest to keep it up to date.

Hopefully the redesign is resonating with you in a positive sort of way. Any thoughts or twitches are welcome on either the forums or by contacting me directly. Feel free! I’d love to hear whatever’s in your head.