Just a quick note I want to make. If you’ve noticed lately that I’ve been a bit slow at responses, there is an explanation: I’ve been attempting to find a new apartment in my city with a barely-above-1% vacancy rate, and finally, oh finally, I have succeeded. Over the next few weeks I’ll be packing up, cleaning up, and setting up in a much nicer new place. As you can imagine, I might get even more scarce for a while. There’s lots and lots to do. I’ve built up a buffer of comic-story pages already, so there shouldn’t be a noticeable difference to the progression of the story, but I myself will be just about missing.

I’ll mention here when it’s all over and I can get back to normal. We’ll be about three-quarters of the way through the story of Eika and Koro by then, I do believe. I’m glad that it seems well received so far. =)

My birthday came and went, and among the presents I received was one I can share with the rest of you: wallpaper worthy art, commissioned by J.N. Squire and drawn by the talented Andalar. 🙂 It’s only on DeviantArt for now, but I’ll get it onto the site in the Wallpapers section as soon as I can. Check the description for the extra goodies: There’s a story to go along with the art, and you can download the wallpaper-sized version from DeviantArt for the moment.


Kirie's Discovery by Andalar

All right, even I’m too young to remember that jingle from anything but a Simpsons reference. I’ll drop it.

Summer’s here! In fact, it’s Canada Day where I am, and there are fireworks to celebrate the start of long, lovely summer days.

Well, except for me, actually.

Ever since I turned into one of those creatures called Adults, I’ve had to contend with a job that has its busiest season during July and August. Sometimes I have to take at least a brief hiatus from comic work just to stay sane, and sometimes (usually) I trudge through the whole thing and forego sleep. It all depends on my mood. This year I actually have more on my plate than just a busy day job, and forcing myself to go on was looking to be nigh on impossible. I was planning to go on hiatus, and probably for a month.

But! I have changed my mind. I’ll soldier through this time.

It’s because I’ve reached this particular part of Prophecy of the Circle, The Story of Eika and Koro. I honestly didn’t see it coming until it was here. I’ve always been a bit of a near-sighted writer, in that I know what events are on the horizon, but until they’re right up close I’m not really looking at them clearly. I didn’t realize, at first, that this part of the story would be coming up exactly at the beginning of summer. Now that I’m working on it, I realize that I don’t need to take a break. Summer this year is just going to be a sort of intermission (a tangent if you will, hurr hurr) from Jahrd’s story so that we can learn some key history. The tale works best as a short story rather than a comic, so it’s a bit of a change of pace both for you guys and for me. It’s also quicker for me to create these pages than it is to draw up a whole comic page, hence why the hiatus is no longer necessary.

I’m glad! I hate making you guys wait for me. I’d rather always have something to show on Mondays. This way I can, even if it’s not the main plot-line for a little while.

I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

There are a couple of new ways to follow ProtC for those of you who wield them smart (so they say) portable devices like iPhones and iPads and Androids. Someday I’ll get in on that myself, but until then, there’s no reason why you guys can’t benefit.

I published the RSS feed of both ProtC’s archives and the ProtC art section of deviantArt to its own little eMagazine on the Google Currents app.

Prophecy of the Circle is also mirrored on Tapastic.com! They’re a particularly supportive webcomic collective/app for them smart doodads and it’s kind of nifty, in my opinion. I’ve already been made to feel at home thanks to their wonderful staff and community. If it’s handy to you to check the comic out at either of those locations, by all means, they are yours for the using. :) At the least, browse Tapastic. They have some interesting series to offer.

Blah blah technology blah blah this stuff makes me feel old and I’m not even thirty. Technology advancements: STAAAHP. XD