Tumblr! I have one now: Magpie’s Gold

It’s mostly going to be for the idle sketches and doodles and ponderings out loud. Not necessarily ProtC related, which is why I’m keeping it separate from the site here, but there’s always a chance of seeing some tikedi and tekk since that occupies quite a bit of my thinking.

An explanation of what exactly happened here is probably in order, as well as an explanation of what all of my kerfuffle in the Twitter feed was. The story is as such: there’s a key feature that most webcomics these days require, and it’s one that I wasn’t entirely prepared for in the original plan of this site. That feature is an RSS feed. Handy, I admit. Personally I like when I find them, and I was getting hints that some of you would like if you found one here, and so I attempted to provide.

I’m one of those nutters who can’t claim to be a computer whiz by any stretch, but who rather views one as an odd-shaped, extra-maddening Rubik’s Cube. I want all those colors lined up, and even though I have only the most basic idea of how the toy fits together, I also have access to a considerable amount of hints and tips and documentation via Google, and I will make this thing obey me, this I swear in the name of all things squishy. Bare bones RSS feeds stumped me, because the majority of my site is cobbled together from my own knowledge of things like HTML and CSS and it didn’t want to play nicely. So I found another way. I taught myself how to install WordPress, run it, and coerce it into dancing for my amusement, at least on part of my site.

I also taught myself how to break it. The less said about that the better, but regardless, it happened.

Now this is a natural part of the process, but it doesn’t usually happen within two hours of the promised deadline. There was some screaming involved. There is still some minor heartache because I lost a good chunk of content to my own ridiculousness. I actually had this site done this afternoon. Done! Now it is not so done, but here’s what you’re looking at:

This is, obviously, the new index page. Ideally, it was meant to contain a backlog of posts going right back to the beginning of the comic, with tags for characters, places, ideas, etc so that one could browse for a subject of interest and actually find it. It currently goes back until about October of last year and I’ll keep rebuilding it until it’s once again complete. There are no tags right now, but will be. It was working out nicely in the original version and I think that when it once again sees completion, you’ll like it. In the background is most of the old site. The comics archives are largely untouched, as is the encyclopedia, so no new systems to learn except here, and it’s pretty speak-for-itself, I think. Much easier to update, at any rate.

To the right, you’ve got all the navigation you could want, including the wonderful orange RSS button. That’s a feed for the whole journal here, including both the comic updates and my idle ramblings that occasionally contain useful information. If there’s a way to split it so there are separate feeds for separate categories of posts, I have yet to discover it, but I will if it’s out there. That’ll just take me some time. For now, you have the whole shebang available. EDIT: Never mind, I just found the means. Now you have your pick of subscriptions to make life that much easier. Hurrah!

There is also placeholder text for another project: I want to draw on things and offer them to you. I sincerely do. The standard is t-shirts, and I’m putting together some ideas for those and also open to suggestions. I’m also planning a marketplace of occasional one-of-a-kind creations. I’m thinking drawings, mainly, since that’s what I do best. Ink sketches, watercolors, just small things that I make when I have time and inclination. There’s also the possibility of trinkets. I have the materials and know-how to make a variation on a Tarsin bond necklace, for example.

Anyway, welcome to the somewhat foggy vision of the future! Let me know what you’re thinking, and I’ll get back to my rags and buckets and polish it up for you just as soon as I’ve had a rest.

Wow. I leave for a while, and I never stop to think of the little changes that happen while I’m in transition between country to country until I’m back and looking at them properly. I’m back now and I’m reflecting on how interesting this is: a new year, and for me, an anniversary. It was a few days ago, on the 4th, but Prophecy of the Circle is officially a year old now.

In terms of my art and my storytelling, I feel like I’ve both come a long ways and only begun to realize how far I have yet to go. It’s a milestone, but only the first of many.

Here’s hoping you’ll all stick around for the journey. It would be nice to see you there.

How about the lot of you? Good holidays? Good new beginnings? I hope its been wonderful and continues to be.

Hello, all! I’m just making a note here that I won’t be around to respond to email or other messages until after January 2nd. I’m off to spend Christmas and New Years where there is no snow. Hurrah!

Writing about a desert is kind of fun when you happen to actually just about live in the arctic. Ultimate daydreaming.

Anyway! The important bit: never fear! The comic will still update as scheduled. I’ve built up a buffer of comics for while I’m missing, it’s just that it won’t be me at the controls every week. Be nice to my mother, ya hear?

All right, fine. The site may not be indicative of cleanliness in the rest of my life, but it is indicative of my sanity levels which are, unfortunately, dwindling. It is with that that I come before all of you, fantastic readers that you are, and I implore you for your understanding.To my chagrin, I find myself in a situation that demands a change of schedule here at Prophecy of the Circle. It’s not too terrible, and with any luck it’ll be temporary. I can at least guarantee that I will never drop things back further than this. The original schedule for the comic was once a week, on Mondays, and that’s what I would like to do once again.

The reason is that the rest of my life, and particularly my day job, has gotten a good bit crazier than I’m used to. Burn out is a terrible, terrible monster that hounds the heels of every creative person, and it’s sheer strategy that keeps us from being chomped and dragged down. With the increased workload, my own strategies are no longer sufficient, and family and friends are beginning to speak with me in serious tones about that stress twitch that I’ve developed. I’ve promised them, and you, that it does not signal a self destruct sequence, but I admit that it probably does require some attention.

That is especially true given that ProtC is being just as affected as I am, which is something that I cannot stand. I promised an update to the encyclopedia and it hasn’t happened. I’ve noticed typos after the fact of posting and haven’t been able to scrounge even the time to repair those. There are preparations behind the scenes that I’m only barely keeping on top of, and very close to falling from. I’m going too fast and the result is that things could be better and they aren’t. You’re an awesome audience, and I love you all. You’re supportive, constructive, curious, and intelligent. You’re enthusiastic and interested and I’m flattered and not sure I deserve it. You make me feel like I’ve made one of the better decisions of my life in beginning this project. I owe to all of you the best that I can give. And for that I need just a touch more time.

With any luck, as I said, it will be temporary. My other job has periods where it’s sheer madness, and times where it’s pure peace. There’s also a trip to the far south that I’m going on at the end of the month (the comic will still update during my absence) and I anticipate that that will do wonders to reset me. At worst, I’ll still aim for the occasional Thursday update, which I’ll mention in the Twitter feed when I can spare it, and Mondays will always be a go.

I thank you in advance! I thank you always.

The upkeep of this site is not indicative of my typical level of cleanliness. I get a little behind with the non-essentials in these here parts mostly because in the real world, my kitchen floor (and sundry other things) refuses to stay clean.

Excuses, excuses. Really, we’ll just leave it as an “It’s about time.” and that shall be that. The point is, I’ve begun to add things that were a long time coming! If you glance to your left, there are links to follow. These are some of my favorite story comics on the web. While they are a tiny percentage of the gold that exists out there for those who dare to look, it’s a start, and I do hope you’ll give these fine tales a glance, at the least.

And to the right, something that was long, long overdue. No story is complete without the dedication. That there is my best friend in the world, and the only person to have been there since the closest thing to a beginning that this adventure has. She remembers my first scribblings many years ago, and I trust her, if no one else, to be there when the last lines are drawn.

More to come! My next focus, though it will not be immediate, is the encyclopedia. That thing is sorely out of date already, and the update is going to feel fantastic.

Every once in a while, every webcomic artist hits a point where it’s suddenly an uphill struggle to get the comic finished ontime. I’ve got a day job, of course, and due to a huge underestimation of my abilities, it almost looked like I was going to hit one of those points. Obviously I didn’t, and I hope you enjoy the new page (glorious green paint, how I have missed you) and so the point of this is not, in fact, an apology.

No, the purpose is to expose you to the wacky little mind of my best friend, who was all prepared to come to my rescue with a guest comic, crafted lovingly in… uh… Microsoft Paint.

Regardless, I just had to showcase her, um. Her talents. Her mastery. And a note, as she has threatened me with doom if I don’t post it: she actually, in fact, I promise you, can draw really, really well.

Now go. Witness the beauty! Meet JoeBob’tekk (AKA the slow, silent type). That’s totally a datapad being smashed by a spear in the second last panel. I AM SO SORRY.

Well, you all knew it was coming eventually and I can only hope that my attempts to scrounge some pocket change won’t offend. If it keeps you at all at ease, then I promise that the advertising on my site will never be at an overwhelming level. Nothing more than you typically see around webcomics.

Peace? Yes? Cookies?

As always, feel free to take the slinging of mud or the kindly prods of a stick to either my email box or my forums. I promise to bear either with my usual dignity. Interpret that as you will.

My appreciation to the lot of you.

All righty! Witness the results of my efforts to get this site looking and acting more permanent and functional. I wanted a bit more navigation capability from the home page and a framework that I could easily add on to, besides.

I’ve also gotten and added a Twitter feed! Mostly this was due to the realization that my life does occasionally threaten to get in the way of the comic (although I am valiant in defeating what madness it throws at me), and it would be good to have an easily updated system for letting you guys know what’s happening over here. As it is Twitter, it’ll be full of the inanities of my life, but it is also full of relevant comic updates! Hopefully that’ll be awesome for at least a few of you.

Now, the real good stuff. There’s a brand new feature. My brother had a burst of wisdom when I asked for his opinions on the story thus far. He noted that with stories like mine that take place in locations that are so far distant from our own planet Earth, the first thing that new readers want to do is to orient themselves in the new world. I’d already been building a wiki on the side for my own personal use, so following his suggestion of integrating it into the site as a world encyclopedia wasn’t terribly hard. You can find your way to it from the sidebar. I’ll do my darndest to keep it up to date.

Hopefully the redesign is resonating with you in a positive sort of way. Any thoughts or twitches are welcome on either the forums or by contacting me directly. Feel free! I’d love to hear whatever’s in your head.