On the Writing Stuff

So welcome to December! Apologies for not posting my NaNoWriMo content this time around. I actually opted to start working hardcore on planning out Chapter Four of Prophecy of the Circle and while I didn’t finish the whole thing, I succeeded in building a framework. I still feel kind of iffy about positing straight up spoilers, especially with Chapter Three not done yet. That work I just did will definitely benefit the comic in the future, though. I absolutely want to level this thing up for the next chapter.

For writing, Alpha Base is my next project that I want to get back in to. I need to reassess it because last time I started to lose the track and meander off into the darkness, but I’ve got a plan to get that one wrapped up early next year. One of my best friends started self-publishing recently and she keeps needling me about getting into it. Step one: complete a thing!

So let’s get back to it. Heck yes.

ETA: I also started a new rough draft of a Prophecy of the Circle short story: Depths, about a certain talented individual being sent into the bowels of the Temple to look for treasure about the Seradin tech in storage.

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