New and Improved!

All right! After much trial and error and many, many hiccups, Prophecy of the Circle is finally up and running on brand new hosting. I goofed way more times than I thought I would, but I think everything should be set up and installed correctly this time, I can see my file system when I log in through my web host, and the only casualty of my stupidity was that I accidentally deleted access to my blog that I haven’t updated in a year anyway. I’m debating on whether I want to rescue the old (the files still exist, it’s only the bridge that’s gone) or just start a new one in 2018 or somesuch…

At any rate, welcome to the new site! It’s on much faster and more stable servers, the domain is backed by Cloudflare for speedy loading (apologies if that still causes a few bumps; I’ve noticed that Cloudflare takes a while to sort itself out), and it’s got a few improvements and the return of some old features. It’s also a lot less messy with much less clutter.

First, comments are back! I installed Replyable by Postmatic, so if you subscribe to an email conversation you can post a reply comment straight from your email. All comments are currently moderated before they get posted, fyi, so they might take a few minutes for me to push the “approve” button. Don’t panic if it’s not instantaneous, is all.

The navigation for comics has also been changed, hopefully for the better. Renn’tekk’s Story has been removed from the comic archives themselves and is instead available as a downloadable PDF and as an image gallery in the Archives page. Check under Bonus Stories. 🙂 The filler art has also been removed as most of it is available on my DeviantArt page and the rest wasn’t worth keeping up. You should be able to navigate through the story without interruption now. I’ve also built in some conditional navigation bars at the bottom of the comics. The old one you’re used to with just Next and Previous, First and Last is what appears on most pages, but in Chapter Three the Next and Previous button will only move you forward or back through whichever story you’re currently on, Jahrd’s or Jamet’s. If you click the new Switch Story button in either direction, it will do just that: jump sideways and either back or forward into the other tale. Try it out and see!

The Cast and Archives pages have been completely remodelled. Archives has thumbnails once again and accordion menus to keep everything compact as this story grows. The Cast page is similar, organized by which chapter the character first appeared in, and it now contains every major to semi-major character in the story.

Fanworks is much the same, although the contact form there has been much improved.

I’ll also note that the shop is open and commission info has been posted (although commissions are currently closed; when they open I’ll post about it).

I’ve only been able to investigate on my and my families iPhones, iPads, and my boyfriend’s Android phone, but the site seems functional in mobile format this time, too.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on the design. A lot of things are fairly easy to tweak, unlike on the previous iteration of the site. 🙂