More Progress: Inks Complete!


I probably would have actually had those finished sooner, but there were just a lot of days all the last couple of weeks where so many small things piled up to completely take the wind out of my sails. It’s been a long time since things have been so hectic that I was basically coming home from work and going straight to bed, but that’s what it’s been. It actually drives me slightly to embarrassment when that happens because I just like to be accountable for why my art is flowing nicely or not.. but it was just those kinds of days where it’s not necessarily some over-arching crisis, but a series of unrelated issues that keep you so focused on problem solving and strategizing and burning up the reserves of personal energy that by the time you get home you’re just utterly done.

We all get times like that. That’s all there is to it. This is, ultimately, the whole reason I’m building the buffer in the first place: because days happen when I just can’t, and that shouldn’t cause me more stress than its worth.

So instead, we celebrate! The inks are done! Today I’ve started shading the Jamet pages and tonight when Tim gets back from the last day of filming cosplayers at Tsukino-con for his next video, he’s going to give me a hand with using this fun little tool my dad got us last year so that I can lay down my flat colors on the Jahrd pages a little quicker. He’s used it a bunch since we got it, and it’s time that I did, too.

I’ve never used an airbrush before because I’m a nervous nellie, but this is the year of trying new tactics until something works. If I’m right, this’ll shave a few hours off of my painting process and that makes a world of difference.

I’ve also been toying with something, and if you’re viewing this from the website… then you know part of what I’m talking about! Patreon recently released a new app that lets me post patron-only content directly to my website, so I’m cross-posting the Prophecy of the Circle related Patreon posts to the homepage just to keep it all consolidated. If you’re already a patron, you just have to sign in and let it check out your pledge-level before you can see the content of those posts. It seems to be working fine, with the exception of a few bugs owing to it being a new app (and also to a missed step the first time during installation; my bad). While getting friends and family to test it, we’ve encountered two different errors, but both were related to caching issues where the link was serving up the wrong version of certain pages and resulting in confusion. If you see those, clearing your browser cache generally fixes it. If you’re still having trouble, message me on Patreon and I’ll see if I can get things rolling for you. 🙂

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