Let’s All Go to the Lobby…

All right, even I’m too young to remember that jingle from anything but a Simpsons reference. I’ll drop it.

Summer’s here! In fact, it’s Canada Day where I am, and there are fireworks to celebrate the start of long, lovely summer days.

Well, except for me, actually.

Ever since I turned into one of those creatures called Adults, I’ve had to contend with a job that has its busiest season during July and August. Sometimes I have to take at least a brief hiatus from comic work just to stay sane, and sometimes (usually) I trudge through the whole thing and forego sleep. It all depends on my mood. This year I actually have more on my plate than just a busy day job, and forcing myself to go on was looking to be nigh on impossible. I was planning to go on hiatus, and probably for a month.

But! I have changed my mind. I’ll soldier through this time.

It’s because I’ve reached this particular part of Prophecy of the Circle, The Story of Eika and Koro. I honestly didn’t see it coming until it was here. I’ve always been a bit of a near-sighted writer, in that I know what events are on the horizon, but until they’re right up close I’m not really looking at them clearly. I didn’t realize, at first, that this part of the story would be coming up exactly at the beginning of summer. Now that I’m working on it, I realize that I don’t need to take a break. Summer this year is just going to be a sort of intermission (a tangent if you will, hurr hurr) from Jahrd’s story so that we can learn some key history. The tale works best as a short story rather than a comic, so it’s a bit of a change of pace both for you guys and for me. It’s also quicker for me to create these pages than it is to draw up a whole comic page, hence why the hiatus is no longer necessary.

I’m glad! I hate making you guys wait for me. I’d rather always have something to show on Mondays. This way I can, even if it’s not the main plot-line for a little while.

I hope you enjoy it. 🙂