State of the Meghan: Moving!

Just a quick note I want to make. If you’ve noticed lately that I’ve been a bit slow at responses, there is an explanation: I’ve been attempting to find a new apartment in my city with a barely-above-1% vacancy rate, and finally, oh finally, I have succeeded. Over the next few weeks I’ll be packing up, cleaning up, and setting up in a much nicer new place. As you can imagine, I might get even more scarce for a while. There’s lots and lots to do. I’ve built up a buffer of comic-story pages already, so there shouldn’t be a noticeable difference to the progression of the story, but I myself will be just about missing.

I’ll mention here when it’s all over and I can get back to normal. We’ll be about three-quarters of the way through the story of Eika and Koro by then, I do believe. I’m glad that it seems well received so far. =)


  1. Rice says:

    Boxes are a nice cabinet to live out of. i’m speaking for my self. 😀
    you can get them in a good order and place them even in your wardrobe if you need to get some space between you and the ground.
    the next move is far faster due the lower packing time. I LOVE them as a companion of unrooted living, where you aint sure if you stay longer than 1-10 years in the same flat/house . ^^
    And chaos is the true cause which offers the most creative outcome for life.
    Painted boxes could even be a merchandise idea. Attach a little placeholder for a writting on the front and SELL SELL SELL ^^
    *rolls eyes*

    well the painted ones was originally a prank ^^’

  2. Rice says:

    Congratulations !!!!
    A move is always Tricky, even more worse by City in City moves.
    is the housingspace more than the previous one?
    how is the Neighborhood- Well you will figure it out soon enough.
    The first few weeks/Months it’s all new and shiny but soon … yeah i didn’t have luck overhere with them.
    any stray kittens who ask for a new master? ^^

    • Meghan says:

      Thanks, although the move was more out of necessity than anything else. I is poor and finally needed a roommate in order to avoid a future under a cardboard roof. =P

      I did luck out and we got a nice place in a very lovely neighborhood with plenty of space. It’s quiet and yet still conveniently located. I just wish I wasn’t still living out of boxes and chaos. XD

      I hope that ultimately I’m happy where I’ve ended up. I definitely don’t want to have to do that again in the near future.

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