Or at least very, very close! And yes, I mean the comic buffer. I’ve spent the last week in a sort of assembly line fashion of action, finishing painting and shading pages before putting them on the computer desk for Tim to scan, clean-up, and edit. So much editing. While I was scribbling and painting away, he was on the lookout for missing earrings, those half dozen times I forgot Kolben’s little spiky bangs, and that one time I put Myrnak’s hand on backwards. Somehow. Seriously. God if I know. It’s been a long month.

Now all those things are fixed! We scoured the text for typos and grammatically “ehn” moments, debated and pondered out loud about stupid things, went back and forth over niggly detail decisions, and then we both finally said “Good enough!” and now I’m about halfway done putting the pages into queues for publication on its various platforms. So far the comic pages are ready to launch from the homepage, Patreon (lacking write-ups, but I’ll get that done shortly), DeviantArt, and Tumblr. I’ll get the links up in Twitter and Facebook via Buffer tomorrow, and then I just have to get the pencils and inks posts up here on Patreon, which is just another couple of hours of file-editing and posting and little write-ups. Then it’s done and I’ll have a ten week buffer completed that should serve my sanity well as long as I keep on top of it. Bonus, I should have at least a couple of days to recover before the deadline too. 🙂 Maybe just Sunday. Whatever. It’ll be good.

For those who stood by me, cheered me on, and sent me little comments, messages (and even a couple of texts from close buddies) of encouragement through this fracas, thank you! I got through it because you guys believe in me. For those who’ve been just patiently (or, sometimes, impatiently) waiting for me to get off of my bullshit and get back to being a human being, I’m sorry, I’m coming, I’m coming, I promise, I swear. XD

But no, honestly, I’m excited for you guys to see. I think they look really good and I’m feeling awesome about the whole shebang, though. One thing I found out by accident is that the oil paint marker I picked up a while ago makes some fantastic highlights overtop of my watercolors for Jahrd’s story. I’ll give you folks in the behind-the-scenes a peek at a sample of that. The rest of you will see it this next weekend if you’re in the $1 tier, or else next week when it all goes public again.

I’ve made a sort of decision to have this last month’s suggest-a-sketch carry over to next month because I honestly didn’t have even five seconds to think about drawing anything else and only just got this whole project wrangled with like… two days to the end of the month? If you want to add more to it for next month, feel free! I’ll actually make some then for sure.

After all, I can see the light at the end of this tunnel again. So glorious. So good. I’m gonna make it this time. ;;

But for now, I’m really tired. Sleep now.


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