I’m Back from Vacation

….and I’ve brought some footage from my trip to the Tarsin Desert! Got to meet Jacind and everything. ;P

All right, so it was more like the badlands of southern Alberta, specifically Drumheller, but close enough. Tim was wild and crazy enough to pack a couple of costumes along on holiday because, again, we’re both really, really bad at taking breaks, and we took a four hour jaunt across the monotonous prairie landscape to where things get interesting and dinosaur bones are a’plenty. There are more shots of his Jacind cosplay and his Three-Toe Huadiv (minor character from Horizon Zero Dawn) that’ll be appearing over on his Instagram and Facebook but for now, here’s a sneak-peek, including a couple that he hasn’t posted yet himself (I asked and he said I could show you guys, I promise!):

Now I’d best get to responding to messages that piled up while I was gone. I didn’t have a lot of access to broadband internet in my travels, so I fell a bit behind on emails and the like. Ah well, such is what vacation is for. 😉