I Wanna Know Your Thoughts: Patreon Changes

There’s a public post on my Patreon that may be of interest. I’m considering making some changes in the future to include more of my work on that platform than just Prophecy of the Circle related material, but I’m looking for feedback before I make a decision. If you’re not interested in donating, that’s totally cool. I’m also looking to increase the number and worth of my public posts, so it still might be worth checking out.

Possible Changes: What Do You Think?
by Meghan at Patreon


By way of site updates, I’m starting work on the repairs. I’ve got a test site started and over the next few days I’m going to try and make this place make more sense. Some changes might take longer, but I’ll keep you posted. Again, I update my Twitter a lot more with little details of my days and efforts. Journal posts are more for sweeping explanations after the fact.