Holiday – And Thanks.

I don’t take them very often – at least not long ones. I have one coming up in a couple of days. I’m going back to Alberta to visit with my family for a little over a week and to just try to get away from the city and my usual routine and hopefully practice that fine art of actually relaxing for once.

I’ve got a couple of days before I physically go, so in the meanwhile I’m trying to get things ready so there’s content still flowing here and on Patreon – I like making that worth it for the folks who are supporting this venture. Outside of my full-time job, I pour twenty to hours a week in to bring you the comic for free and I ditched site ads in favour of a support model that’s more voluntary for you guys, less predictable for me – but that voluntary support exists, for which I’m just so grateful. Honestly and truly, I’m unendingly thankful to those who are willing to chip in a few bucks a month to keep Prophecy of the Circle running and worth doing. Currently, the site costs and art supplies are negated, which is amazing considering how relatively small and unknown this comic is, and it’s just a good feeling to know that some of you really believe in this thing and want to see it succeed. I always want to make sure there’s some good bonuses for all of you to look at over there, including when I’m not here.

Recently, I opened commissions to help pay for a high vet bill, and the majority of support came from the Patrons and the long-time fans – again, thanks! I’ll probably have to do another run of commissions next month to pay off the last of that vet bill (Aleksi’s surgery is booked for early June, and then we find out the true price tag), but for the support I’ve already gained, I’m overwhelmed and overjoyed. Art is easier when the stress is less, and it’s those little tokens that make it happen.

So basically – thanks! I’ll aim to enjoy my break, but I want to make sure you’re all not left high and dry in the meanwhile. I’ll be queuing up the new content over the next few days, and then I’ll be back in the beginning of June. Toodles for now!

Edit to Add: I also made some changes based off of reader feedback to the way the news posts work, particularly in regards to the Patreon updates and their position on the page/interaction through the RSS feed. First: no, they’re not going away. Yes (see above) there are people who use them and like them, they’re the alternative to site advertising that more than once inflicted malicious code on a reader (that’s a nope), and it would be foolish to not attract any attention to the thing what finances Prophecy of the Circle’s existence. Seriously, shit ain’t free and I’m not rich. But I did concoct a way to make them far less intrusive.

Now, that said, when you do request a feature change, do me a favour and don’t be rude about it. I put up with that enough at work because I have to. I’m not putting up with it on my passion project. That should go without saying – be respectful to your fellow humans, please.