French Translation Livestream

Edit: I won’t be around in the audience for as long as I was last time since I’m technically on a small holiday with family, but the Livestream of the translation of the comic is happening again tomorrow at the same time as last week (that’s 2 PM Mountain Daylight Time). Any of you who want to can definitely come watch or, if I’m there, to pester me. I’m, er, quite shy, though. I’ll warn you now. But friendly!

It’s looking like this may become a regular thing. Feel free to stop by. 🙂

If you want regular updates about little things like this, they’re posted to the Facebook page for the comic and to avoid excessive journals that’s probably where I’ll continue to mention these things.

For anyone who’s curious, my friend Foldo is Livestreaming his translation process of the comic, and I’m in the audience. Come and take a look, if you will.

foldo on Broadcast Live Free