Doodle – Pets!

Actually a three-in-one: I did explore this concept a couple of times in the past. Flashback to the 90′s and to 2016 for the bottom two illustrations: Once before Aurorin was a tikedi (he was Sonic the Hedgehog universe echidna in the ancient past) he had a pet bird that’s evolved into a pet tantekk. That’ll likely make its appearance later in the story (but I’m not sure when or where right now.)

Honestly, tikedi aren’t much for companion animals in general. I just never see them as keeping pets much. It’s rare.

But as I’ve said before, if anyone was going to try befriending the local wildlife, no matter how squishy, it’s Derec.

Thanks to Rubje for the idea on January’s suggest-a-sketch post!

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