Commission Information

Current Status: CLOSED

Commission Requests: Email me!




Past Examples

I can work in watercolor, colored pencil, mixed media, or digital. Your choice!


  • If you so desire, in addition to a high res scan, I will mail traditional art within Canada and the US for $15 and anywhere else in the world for $25.
  • NOTE: As tracking packages worldwide can get very, very expensive (shipping a 9’ x 12’ photo mailer to the Netherlands was quoted at $70, for example), I don’t tend to offer it as it’s cost prohibitive. Shipping to international destinations is untracked and at your own risk.


  • If you can specify what category of commission you would like beforehand, that helps loads. If you’re not entirely sure, let me know and be as specific as you can about what you want the end product to look like and I’ll absolutely help you figure out what it would cost.
    Note: Please make sure to tell me right away if you want the piece watercolored/digitally coloured or pencil crayon coloured/just penciled/pencilled and inked. I actually approach the two categories very differently from the get-go. Pencilled, pencilled and inked pieces, and coloured pencil pieces tend to be drawn immediately onto cardstock with an HB graphite pencil that’s easy to erase and clean up. Watercolour pieces are more likely to be mapped out on cardstock with a col-erase first (it’s my preferred drafting/sketching tool, but it’s harder to erase) and then traced via lightbox onto watercolour paper or, for digital art, scanned and digitally removed (col-erase is way easier to eradicate from a digital piece than HB pencil lines are).

  • Payment is required before drawing begins. Refunds can be requested and will be honoured in full as long as the commission hasn’t gone past the pencils stage. After pencilling, refunds are partial depending on how much work has already been done.

  • Payment is via Paypal invoice. Please wait for the official Paypal invoice to be sent to you before attempting to pay.

  • Payment secures your place in my queue. It doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll begin your commission immediately that day, especially if it’s more complex and requires more research/experimentation. I tend to provide a pencil sketch pretty quickly to verify what you want to see in the end, but after that, patience is requested. You can absolutely request status updates on the queue, or refer to the list below for a general idea of how I’m progressing.

  • If you’re registered on the waitlist, it means that any new commission slots that open will be offered to you first before they’re posted publicly.

  • Commissions are custom art – they take time. Please also note that the artist is also working full time and managing a weekly webcomic at the same time. Therefore, please allow at least four to six weeks per commission, longer if the work is more complicated, large format, or has a lot of specifics regarding pose, lighting, clothing details, etc. (If you need it completed by a certain date, please be upfront about it – I can work to accommodate reasonable requests).

  • If you have a specific pose in mind or a particular background/article of clothing that you want to see, please provide references (stock photos, other artists’ work that’s similar to what you’re looking for, etc – even a stick figure sketch that gives me an idea of what you’re going for is super helpful). Written descriptions can be interpreted multiple ways by multiple people, but a visual reference helps me to get working right away.

  • If you want me to draw your OC, again, please provide reference material such as a character sheet or previous artwork. If this is the first time your OC is being drawn, visual aids from stock photos and the like help guide the creation process. It speeds things up tremendously. The artist is a very visual human and she likes pictures to look at.

  • If you request major changes after the pencilling stage of the commission that require the commission to be redrawn, or if the commission has to be redrawn more than three times during the pencilling stage, a $20/hour major changes fee will apply.


  • I’m not comfortable with excessive gore (Blood’s okay, I’m just not great at spewing organs and flying eyeballs)
  • I will do some NSFW, but nothing too incredibly explicit. I’ll happily do nudity, sexy poses/pinups, and milder sexual art between two or more characters, but if it’s very complex sexual poses and/or spraying bodily fluids then I’m likely going to say no.
  • I’m absolutely not great at robots/mechs/machines, but I’ll give it a shot! The results might not be spectacular, FYI.