Commission Information

Current Status: OPEN

Commission Requests: Email me!

I can work in watercolor, colored pencil, mixed media, or digital. Your choice!


If you so desire, in addition to a high res scan, I will mail traditional art within Canada and the US for $15 and anywhere else in the world for $25.

NOTE: As tracking packages worldwide can get very, very expensive (shipping a 9’ x 12’ photo mailer to the Netherlands was quoted at $70, for example), I don’t tend to offer it as it’s cost prohibitive. Shipping to international destinations is untracked and at your own risk.


  • I’m not comfortable with excessive gore (Blood’s okay, I’m just not great at spewing organs and flying eyeballs)
  • I will do some NSFW, but nothing too incredibly explicit. I’ll happily do nudity, sexy poses/pinups, and milder sexual art between two or more characters, but if it’s very complex sexual poses and/or spraying bodily fluids then I’m likely going to say no.
  • I’m absolutely not great at robots/mechs/machines, but I’ll give it a shot! The results might not be spectacular, FYI.


  1. BiblioBot (Patreon) – paid // pencils // inks // paint
  2. WDG (Patreon) – #1 paid // pencils // inks // paint // shipped
    – #2 paid // pencils // inks // paint // shipped
    – #3 paid // pencils // inks // paint // shipped
  3. Scott Pittman (Patreon) – paid // pencils // inks // paint //shipped
  4. J.N. Squire (Patreon) – paid // pencils // inks // paint
  5. Flann – (Patreon) paid // pencils // inks // paint//shipped