I started thinking about the original designs of some of my characters and how they’ve changed over the years (or not). Myrnak hasn’t changed much. Same yellow fur. Same orange hair and blue eye-patch. What -did- change is he was once upon a time a cyborg, back when he was in a sci-fi story! He had a few missing bits including a whole robot arm.

I doubt that’ll happen to him again, but the past remains the past.

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I woke up with the most ridiculous earworm one morning. – just the first line of this song (Nickel Creek’s “The Lighthouse’s Tale”) on loop. Just the first line “I am a lighthouse…” and then loop. 

Oh man. Oh no.

It didn’t go away until I drew -something- with a lighthouse. And I’ve never drawn a lighthouse before, so into the background it went and into the foreground went Kolben and here we are. 

– Posted early for Patrons –