Brief Hiatus: Just One Week!

I’m trying to have some foresight for once in my life. I’m always so good at screwing that up and burning myself out. Not this time! I’mma gonna be smart. S-M-R-T.

Basically, next week is going to be a bit hellish for me, and trying to tackle the comic would probably result in sleep-deprived rambling where I intended to put a story. There are certain important times of year at my day job where a lot of work has to be done in a very short time period, and next week is one of those times. I’ve got a lot more responsibility this time, too, so I’m going to be kept hopping. And then when I get home I’m going to be all hopped out and exhausted. It’s best for everyone if I just give it a break for a week.

I’ll still attempt to toss some filler art up here if I can when next Monday rolls around. Drawing takes a lot less of my brain than writing, after all. =P

So there you go! The comic will continue on April 8th! Thanks for understanding, guys.