An Aside

Apologies for falling off the face of the earth there for a while. Things got a bit hairy at my 9-5 job again over the last month or so. There was a bit of a spate of spontaneously high turnover and next thing you know we’re all under enormous pressure and picking up slack we can’t carry and all coming home exhausted. It’s actually still not great there and it’s not looking like letting up for a while yet, so I’ll try my best to keep from showing my tired, but by way of explanation… that’s what I’ve got. I’m working on finding better footing, but in the meanwhile things have been tough.

I just wanted you guys to know.  I also couldn’t help but notice that I outright lost a couple of patrons, both from the $5 tier. Not downgrades to lower tiers, but outright losses. And honestly, that’s fair. If you came for the more ambitious goodies like world-building and stories then things have been pretty disappointing around here,  and I can agree with that. It disappoints me, too. I just want you all to know that I’m always trying to get back to where I was – capable of doing more – but nothing’s been predictable, all I can do is try my best to stay ahead of the curve, and I haven’t been super successful at it. I keep on gaining headway only to lose it again just as quickly. I’m doing better, though. Building a buffer of comics helped a little and it means fewer hiatuses, but I’m still running into the problem that I only really have energy during the week to make those comics and none of the extras and it’s the extras that I really want to make.

Working on it, working on it. I’m terribly, honestly so sorry that the whole process has been so slow.  And I thank those who are sticking with me.

It’ll get better. I’m pretty young – turning 33 in a couple of weeks, and I’m still pouring what I have – as little a reservoir as that is currently – into art and into finding better ways to make it. Things will change. Things will get better. There is no way that this will all stay the same forever.

So again, to those who are still here, I thank you. To those who no longer are, I’m 100% sorry if I disappointed you, and I understand, and I wish you well.

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