Brief Comic Hiatus

I might as well commit to this out loud. The more warning the better, I suppose.

Prophecy of the Circle will not be updated this coming week.

I really hate taking breaks, but there’s been a very difficult situation that’s cropped up suddenly. People close to me who I care about very much are hurting right now and I need to turn my attention to being there when I’m needed.

I know you guys understand. You’ve always been great for that. I’ll aim to be back to work and have a new page for June 16th. For right now I just need to put it all on pause and concentrate my energies elsewhere.

Thanks. <3 And be careful and safe, all of you, especially in any of your travels.


  1. GreyRoc says:

    Good luck which whatever’s happening.
    I do love this story and I’m happy to wait however long to see what happens <:

    • Meghan says:

      Thank yoooou. I appreciate that a great deal. Things feel stable again, which is good, and I can get back to work. I look at that as a very, very good thing.


  2. theobservantwolf says:

    12 days from now, same bat time, same bat channel! Wait, they aren’t bats… Ah well, we’ll be here all the same when you return! May the Lord bless those who are hurting with relief and healing. But don’t be comin’ back too soon now, we can wait! Impatiently at times, but we’ll survive.

    • Meghan says:

      Thank you. I really needed that pause to just deal with things and help out where I could, and believe me, we all appreciate the good wishes and kinds words. I appreciate how much you guys make me feel loved. šŸ™‚

      Things are going to be okay, and I’m back at the comic-making. I think we can get rolling again, so you can expect a new page on Monday.

      Thanks again. ^^

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