1. Sleaw says:

    This world you’ve built is amazingly rich in detail! I also love how you write dialogue and narration… I hope I’ll manage to learn from it. 😀

  2. StyxD says:

    Heh, honestly, between panels 2 and 4 this starts to sound like lovers’ parting. XP

    Jahrd receives his first quest, but I wonder if he even has any motivation to help the Tieke. He seemed pretty callous to them so far, saying either “it’s your fault for aggravating the Tekk” or “there’s nothing you can do about that”. Then again, maybe Aeza can bribe him with promises of talking Tekk…

    I’d like to ask something. It escaped me when I was reading the pages the first time.

    Are those colonies established against the high priestess? Did Aeza and others priestesses in the colonies disobey her by going there? Are Teyka’s scriptures more than just construction manuals? 😛 (the last one may be a spoiler though)

    • Meghan says:

      Well, ultimately Aeza’s not even necessarily asking him to help the Tieke. It’s broader than that. What she’s asking is for him to consider mediating a regrettably tense situation that she sees as unavoidable. Her goal is to see as few people hurt as possible while at the same time assuring the health and safety of the citizens who she serves. It’s actually a noble use of his abilities and a hell of an opportunity for him to make some change. He’s never had a “in” like that before, or even any hope of one.

      Now the questions… The colonies were insisted on by the Kantreska (who is the ultimate Last Word on something like building a colony). Yes, that’s despite the disagreement of the High Priestess.

      Did Aeza disobey her? Not technically. Wonderful world of politics: The temple’s not an island unto itself. It’s part of Tieke City and the Priestesses have to work alongside the Kantreska and the Novarc Guard (who are essentially the police force/military who are loyal to the Kantreksa) to keep everything orderly and content and the people calm. In the aftermath of the plague, there’s a lot more saber rattling between the two, but ultimately the citizens are feeling insecure after all that’s happened to them, and they back the Kantreska. So do a significant number of the Priestesses, much to their leader’s irritation. Her hands are tied. Whatever her motives and beliefs, noble or not, the popular vote is against her. There comes a point where one has to admit defeat and bow out gracefully.

      Among those Priestesses who were vocal about the colonies, there are also those who want to actually go out and physically do some good, as well. Not only does it look good to the people if she concedes and sends Priestesses to aid the Kantreska’s people at the colonies, but it gets the more insistent dissenters out of her hair. Easier, in a lot of ways, to just let them go and do their thing. So people like Aeza aren’t on friendly terms with the High Priestess, but they’re authorized to be doing what they’re doing.

      And finally… Teyka’s scriptures are a lot more than just construction manuals, rest assured. That’s all you get there. ;P

      • StyxD says:

        Well, it seems to me that the Tieke will be the only ones benefiting if Jahrd agrees to mediate. Tekk sure as hell don’t seem to have any issues that need solving. Safe for self-righteousness maybe.

        Ah, sorry, I’m a bit prejudiced here. 😛

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