1. wellpent says:

    Why does that last panel give me the feeling Jahrd is going to do something (else) he really shouldn’t haha *nervouslaughter*

  2. BlackJackChelaque says:

    Just finished the archive, thanks for producing such a great story. Just curious, do you do all the art first and then scan it, or is any of the art done digitally (line work, colors, etc)? It has such a great look, that if it is digital, i’d love to know how to get the same effect. If it is done by hand, is it watercolor? Either way, it is just magnificent.

    • Meghan says:

      Excellent guesses, all of them. It is indeed entirely traditional. 🙂 Penciled, inked, and then, yes, painted with watercolors, typically in a mad deadline-crunch frenzy that works surprisingly well.

  3. StyxD says:

    Is that yellow thingy in panel one the tekk’s eyelid or eye?
    Also, is the kantreska expected to go on hunts?

    Hmm, I must be getting back in the mood… 😛

    Jahrd’s hair in panel 4 is so spiky I can’t believe it’s not shounen. 😉

    • Meghan says:

      The tekk’s eyes are closed. They’ve always got red eyes. And there’s a specific reason why Jacind should be out there, which we’ll get to. 🙂

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