Chapter Two: Page 37

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  1. Asterai says:

    Annen can’t use his tail to get enough balance? I mean, I know losing a limb is never trivial, but the more limbs you have to start with, the easier it would seem to compensate with the rest.

    …Much as I dislike Annen so far, this must be driving him up a wall. He was one of the most proactive characters in the story, for good or for ill, and now he’s stuck being babysat by people who are worried that he’ll fall, for chrissakes.

    • Meghan says:

      If he could compensate, he would, and if it’d just been very simple loss of a limb, then certainly, he’d be fine. The point you circled around, though: he’s worse off than he looks. There’s a story there. I’ll tell it.

      And oh yeah you bet this drives him crazy. He’s the kind of guy who likes to act, and the colony project is important to him. So much is out of his reach right now.

    • Meghan says:

      Not really, unfortunately. >> Gender differences are just… subtle. I always expected readers would pick it up from the dialogue pretty easily with the art being supplementary, and so far that’s been the case (or at least, I hear very, very few reports otherwise; confusion usually centers around the characters who are meant to be androgenous anyway, like Aeza and Stiggs, and that gets cleared up the second a pronoun gets tossed out to identify them).

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