1. Lazurkri says:

    ….just curious, but where EXACTLY on the Tekk does she place the blade to finish it? trying to get a blade through a skull takes a LOT of force to do, which is usually why a blade across the throat is often used to dispatch something… or did she put it through the spine?

  2. wellpent says:

    That last panel has a certain solemn quality that’s just beautiful. Maybe because it’s blue? Haha.
    (Oh, and yes, don’t get me wrong– I’m a big fan of zombie flicks and horror films and the like, so I’m not opposed to gore by any means! I just wasn’t sure what to expect from the hunt with all of the tradition and ceremony it seemed to hold. I wasn’t sure if I would favour either a “quick and clean” or “blood and guts” approach to the actual killing until I saw it, and the way you depicted it I wasn’t at all disappointed that it leaned one way more than the other!)

    • Meghan says:

      I was hoping for the impression of cricket-like-things chirping. My blue paint’s going to get a workout for a while (which is probably good; I’m all out of yellow by now >> ).

      Oh good about the blood. I think about these things, and mull about them too much. XD See, I’m actually, surprisingly, the kind of person who tends to become suddenly very small and hide behind my hands a lot during bloody movies* so I tend to have this concern that I’m going to squick someone out. At the same time, archaic-times drama naturally calls for some blood, so alas, there’s no escape, even for me. ;P

      *If it weren’t for my iron-stomached best friend, I would be so doomed to failure on this, let me tell you.

    • Meghan says:

      Well sure! His dad goes to the trouble to procure paper for him and of course he’s not going to keep all those tekk notes in his head. =P

  3. Liam Taylor says:

    I love being your brother and knowing so many of the juicy secrets. I am sworn to a vow of silence for fear of a brutal and painful death.

    I have to say your use of color, light, and shadow is ever improving. The subtlety of the distant fire light on the journal he’s writing, very nice. Very nice indeed.

    I can’t recall from the mounds of notes on your walls, have you written out the entire alphabet he’s using? Seems like something you’d do, I’d love to look at it and try to read what is written there to see if I can.

    • Meghan says:

      Heheh. Yes, I know where you live, and all your weaknesses. ;P

      I have the alphabet planned out in my head, but I never did properly write it down. The closest I came was when it made an appearance in an old old drawing from pre-comic days that I’m sure you’ve seen. Not as a definitive chart or anything, though, no.

      I should do that sometime. But I’ll warn you, it’s phonetic. So what you’d end up with is how to pronounce some tikedi words, but not their definitions. =P

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