1. RobinofLeyLines says:

    Followed a PW ad here and, despite having mountains on my “To Do” list today, could NOT stop reading once I started your archives! I love all the cultural elements in this story, and your pacing of that information is just about perfect. I always learn just enough to want to know more, but not enough to be overwhelmed. Intriguing story, lovely art — Definitely adding this to my regular reading list!

    • Meghan says:

      Oops! I almost feel like I should apologize. I know exactly what it’s like to be buried under a to do list…

      That said, I’m all the more flattered that Prophecy of the Circle grabbed you like that. Thank you for the kind words!

  2. ThiefQueen says:

    I just found your comic a few weeks ago and caught up in… oh, a day! I really like the style of your art. And one thing which I find to be rather refreshing is how you don’t utterly saturate everything in brilliant colors. Instead, you keep them very realistic and… well, not neutral but natural. Many of the other webcomics I read have these really bright flashy colors. But your’s has to be one of the first which isn’t over-all too colorful. And the detail you put into your characters adds icing to the cake. Thank you for making such a wonderful comic and I honestly can’t wait to see the next update!

    • Meghan says:

      Holy cow! That quick? I’m glad you enjoyed the read-through. Sweet. 🙂

      I’ve noticed that about comics and the web in general, too. I find the bright colors too high energy and distracting a lot of the time, and I didn’t want to do that with mine. I was hoping a more mellow color scheme would encourage people to take it a bit slower, somewhat. Enough to at least relax and read. I have a tendency to tweak the vibrancy down before I post, in fact, just because my paint colors scan in too brightly.

      Besides, Prophecy of the Circle is meant to be sort of… dusty. It fits the world, as well.

  3. wellpent says:

    (Nets! You may torture yourself with these things, but boy do I appreciate it!)
    Well, looks like I got the gore I wasn’t sure I wanted!
    Haha, despite the content being, uh… itself, it’s beautifully done 🙂
    I can’t imagine how sharp Jahrd’s knife must be to be able to cut through all that muscle and tendon!

    • Meghan says:

      It’d have to be a very sharp blade; only makes sense. They wouldn’t come unprepared to get through tekk hide. Of course, the net was used for a reason, too, and the claws: one needs time. That’s not just one cut, no way. >> That’s hack’n’slash.

      Hopefully I’ve set enough of a precedent that no one is too startled by the fact that I don’t shy away from blood. I try to at least keep it relatively infrequent, although… I’m not sure if that helps or makes it worse. =P

  4. StyxD says:

    I’m really liking them action scenes. Nice flow.

    A question: did Shanka stab the tekk in some particular spot on the neck that made it lean down, or is it just because of pain?

    Also, I just noticed: before time skip Jahrd had short hair while Shanka had long hair. After time skip Jahrd has long (well, longer) hair, while Shanka has hair as short as Jahrd used to have… Any significance? Symbolism? 😉

    • Meghan says:

      Thanks! I felt a whole lot more confident with this batch of fight scenes than with any before. Combat’s always been the bane of my existence, both to write and to draw. Practice makes perfect, I suppose.

      Or at least it makes for betterness.

      For the stabbing, a little of both. He went for a particular spot, but considering that this is an old, old, old tekk who just probably blew all of his day’s energy in one frantic jog around the clearing, just getting a blade shoved rudely into the vicinity of his spinal column would be enough to daze him pretty solidly, whether Shanka hit the mark or not. Whichever part of that really and conclusively made him faceplant… pretty moot, I’d say. =P

      To be fully honest about the hair, it was a pretty mindless decision regarding Shanka. I just doodled a bunch of ideas before Chapter Two started and decided that he looked pretty cute with something short and tousled. I’m allowed my shallow moments. =P Jahrd, on the other hand, is a bit more deliberate, but not for symbolic reasons. He’s a very old character of mine, designed over a decade ago. I’ve had a considerably older version of him set in stone for years, and so his younger self here is just slowly growing into that person I have in mind.

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