1. Anonymous 2 says:

    Just a notice.

    Even though the new page (chapter 2. page 86.) is visible on the main site, it is unreachable via the archives.

    The next page and latest buttons lead to an empty, messed up site. Same result occurs if you click on the round “comments” of the new page.

    • Meghan says:

      Thanks for pointing that out. There was a major software update the day before I had to pack up my computer for the move, and installing it destroyed the site for about twenty minutes. I restored a backup but it looks like a few things didn’t go back the way I wanted them to. >> I’m still finding and assembling said computer (and until then, borrowing public ones) so I won’t be able to fix it immediately, but the second that I can, I sure will.

      I really miss working on my comic. I haven’t had time to draw a page in nearly a month. x_x

  2. BuilderJim says:

    Moving sure is fun, isn’t it? Well, you’re doing an awesome job staying dedicated to updates, and the new site heading sure looks great on here.

    • Meghan says:

      Fun is a word for it. Thank goodness I had a backlog of comic pages and Comicpress can update for me because I actually haven’t been able to get to a computer outside of work for weeks. =P

      It’s actually my old header from long ago. =P There was a major software update right before I moved, and it did a number on my site layout which I had no time to fix. So I reverted back to an old version of the site layout to keep this place at least basically functional until I can get back to working properly on Prophecy of the Circle, which will hopefully be soon.

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