1. Asterai says:

    Technological Tieke have night vision, but not in-sync-with-nature Tarsin? Fascinating.

    The priestess is promising indeed. A Tieke-centered perspective, but able to realize and admit a mistake. And capable despite limited vision and hearing. She could take the story all kinds of interesting directions.

    • Meghan says:

      There hasn’t been enough proof in the story yet, but I’ll say that while the Tieke do have technology, I wouldn’t call them technological. We’ll see that soon enough. It also has a lot more to do with basic biology: the Tarsin spend most of their time out in natural daylight. The Tieke are, most of the time, actually cave-dwellers.

      This new character is potentially pretty intriguing. From my perspective, even with only two real pages behind her, she’s already looking like one of those ones that has potential to develop a mind of her own and start rewriting my story for me. Best kind. =P

  2. StyxD says:

    I already like that priestess.

    1) That awesomely veiled insult/brag “I’m half blind and I can still see better than you”.

    2) It’s nice to see someone with a cocky attitude towards the tekk again. I guess Annen was out of the picture for a while now.

    3) “Oh, silly me, I’m on neutral ground? I wanted to trespass the tekk full-time.”
    (OK, maybe I’m misinterpreting it and she never intended to leave Tieke Province, but considering she’s a Tieke, the above’s not beyond suspicion ;))

    The faces in the last panel are so derpy (in a good, funny way)!

    Do all Tieke have natural night-vision? It’s not stated in the encyclopedia.

    • Meghan says:

      She seems to be popular. I’m impressed by her myself. 🙂

      And yes, all Tieke do indeed have a better-than-average ability to see in the dark. It’s not like a super-power or anything, but they do adjust a lot better than Tarsin ever would. It has a lot to do with their natural habitat being caverns, as compared to the Tarsin who spend most of their time in natural daylight.

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