1. Lazy J says:

    Hmm i dont see that happening if anything i see Jahrd going off to actually live with teh tieke in the crater more than anything else, going has it were more “feral”

  2. StyxD says:

    I have a nagging feeling that the increasing closeness between Jacind and Calterra will somehow influence Batla to be more harsh to Jacind in the judgment.
    I don’t know, it just seems a little bit reminiscent of the situation from Shanka’s story, years ago.

    Also, does anyone else feel that if Jahrd is indeed exiled (he seems to be expecting that this will happen), he’ll take up Aeza’s offer and go over to the Tieke?

    Maybe if he leaves Oros, the story will become a little more… upbeat?
    Not that I’m complaining! The sense of looming hopelessness is greatly crafted. But I just keep feeling bad for everyone with each update these days. ­čśë

    • Dvarin says:

      I’m not really sure that taking up with Aeza and futilely attempting to mediate a conflict between worried violent proud paranoid Tekk and desperate expansionist proud duplicitous Tieke (who are manufacturing A-bombs) is going to cause the story to become more upbeat.

      Though if he doesn’t do that then the odds of the world exploding are somewhat higher, so…

      • Larken says:

        It would give Jahrd some of his agency back. Maybe not upbeat, but less powerless. This powerlessness is rough.

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