1. Dvarin says:

    “Good morning Treskashek, I have your schedule for today.

    “First is breakfast with Elder Jutayo–she has some interesting news about what Voice of the Mob’s been up to recently.

    “After that you’re meeting with Vendess and Jacind–please try to be polite–he’ll mostly be briefing you on intervillage relations and, particularly, the Tieke situation. There are also several purely administrative matters to cover, and they want to arrange a formal hunt to get you an official Kantreska’s mask.

    “You’ll probably only have about fifteen minutes for lunch before the afternoon Village Business open session starts–up on today’s agenda are a few minor property disputes and determining how to sacrifice your former best friend to an angry mob without also causing the Tekk to completely raze the village.

    “Afterward you’re free until evening, when your brother’s scheduled some time in The Garden for you to try to convince him not to follow Jahrd into exile or, failing that, just leave.

    “Tomorrow’s schedule looks like it’s going to be pretty full too, so I recommend getting to bed early rather than staying up all night staring at the sky and despairing.

    • Meghan says:

      And you know I haven’t had my coffee yet, because my first thought was that no, no, Stiggs would hate the desert. Not exactly what you were going for, I know, but that’s a good accidental impression of him.

    • MikeyLikesIt says:

      Wow, I did not see all that. What I thought was there would be a group there that would say, “It is time for your initiation. Your mission is to make your mask, and the first step is to acquire a baby Tekk skull. So we are going out on a little trip to the Crater. You take a loin cloth, a knife, a spear, a bag full of seeds and grubs for munching, a water bottle, and your happy smile. You have five minutes to prepare yourself, then we leave . . . Face makeup and war stripes are optional . . .”

      • Dvarin says:

        I’m totally guessing about Shanka, but between Jahrd’s, Jacind’s, and Degur’s contributions, whoever’s Kantreska next has a giant pile of mess to deal with. It’s no wonder that Vendess didn’t want to do it.

        • Horizon says:

          I’m guessing the ceremonial side of things will be taking second place to damage control. I reckon there are several angry mobs out to avenge their dead, which need to be dealt with pretty fast.
          Hopefully Balta has enough support to be accepted as leader, before the village splits apart. Yep, a major mess alright.
          What if there are other contenders? Big-mouth might want a go, and could have backing from a mob.

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