1. Horizon says:

    Vendess, Vendess, Vendess. Have you already forgotten the tale of Eika and Koro? Obviously Degur has been spirited away, to return a few days later as the Tekk approved Kantreska.
    Or most likely not. Looks like the Tekk have decent night vision, and are keeping a close eye on Oros.

  2. Dvarin says:

    Thus becoming the second-youngest Kantreska in the desert. Assuming he passes the trials. (Would there still be trials? Probably there would have to be, if only to temporarily defeat dissenters.) And assuming that he’s not too closely associated with Jahrd to get caught in whatever befalls _him_.

    (Speaking of which, anyone want to start a pool on how may strips until Jahrd’s inevitable exile, now that his father can’t protect him? I’m thinking about 17 or so…)

    • Meghan says:

      Aww I kind of hope there is betting. Then I get to be the twisty mcmustache cackling in the background who knows all the secrets. ;P Except I’m a girl. So I guess it’s a taped on twisty mcmustache.

      For the rest… good question. I’m not sure Oros has ever had to deal with a malfunction of leadership quite this extensive before. They’re going to be playing it by ear it seems. >>

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