1. Random Reader says:

    Jhard might become very hard to argue against if he’s got the Tekk backing him up. I doubt it will happen, but my imagination just played a scene where someone tried to stop Jhard from doing something, and Jhard said he’d fight if he had to. The other guy goes “You and what army?” Cue a small flock of Tekk landing beside Jhard.
    It was too funny not to share.

    • Dvarin says:

      While kind of awesome, that would unfortunately be way out of character for both of them. Though we may yet see it if the Tieke keep trying to build giant weapons.

    • Meghan says:

      That is pretty epic, although yeah, as Dvarin said, not the style of either of them. But I can’t say I don’t love the imagery. ;D

      And no worries. Jahrd’s name is a pain in the butt for a lot of people. XD I think I’m just used to it.

  2. MikeyLikesIt says:

    Meghan, some days I cannot believe you live in Canada (that’s right, isn’t it?) and not my part of the world, based on the pictures you do. What you posted up there, looks a lot like southern New Mexico, missing only the creosote bushes. It’s those kind of vistas that made Taos, in the northern part of the state, an “art community,” because lots of artists come out here take one look around, and say “I gotta paint that.” At least that is one of the stories we tell around here. [Artists like Peter Hurd, or Georgia O’Keeffe, or Joseph Henry Sharp, etc.]

    I guess what I am pretty amazed by is how you probably live in one of the green parts of the world, but seem to have a good sense of the colors and lighting of the desert. That really hot, bright look you get into the distance shots are really a lot what it looks like. Especially during this part of the year, when it is starting to hit 100+ deg F (38+ deg C) around here. And California and Arizona, which I have also experienced much of, have parts that look like this too.

    I know I’ve commented on this before, but this set of images made me have that reaction again.

    Oh, and BTW, I really like the plot twist too. That made me LOL.

    • Meghan says:

      Yup, I’m a Canuck. Born and raised on the prairies. 🙂

      When I was a little kid, my Baba (grandma on the Ukrainian side of my family) used to live in Phoenix, Arizona. It was just for a few years, but my family went to visit her three times between when I was five and seven, and I got a very clear mental picture of the place thanks to having parents who loved to take any opportunity they could find to give me an education. I learned tons about the American southwest, and I’ve had a fascination with deserts ever since.

      I wouldn’t want to live in a desert (I’m waaaay more acclimated to snow and cold than I am to heat x_x ) but they’re pretty to look at and to try to draw and imagine. I’m glad I’m getting it right, even though I haven’t been to one in over twenty years (oh lord, that’s a long time now that I think about it… ). =P

      • MikeyLikesIt says:

        Now that makes a lot more sense to me, that you’ve been down here before.

        I myself am getting less acclimatized to the hot, since I now live up in the pine forests above the desert in a resort town. It’s only hitting 80’s F here now. But the other day I was down in La Luz, NM in the real desert, and it was 100 F, and even the breeze was warm. I had forgotten was that was like from my youth in that Tularosa basin. I immediately started singing that bit from “Mexican Radio,” “I feel a hot wind on my shoulder/And a touch of a world that is older . . .” LOL.

  3. GreyRoc says:

    It’s kinda amusing that seems it could be obvious that Jahrd is interested in and is clearly not offending the Tekk if they are ‘protecting’ him.
    You’d think that’d be a clue that maybe you could talk to them and make a less crap arrangement with them? One that didn’t involve sacrifice from either side?

    • Divergence says:

      Conservatism is usually hard to fight, and many times common sense just won’t do to convince people… And such tribal communities are maybe the most conservative communities there are. You would have some hard time convincing them with something senseful if it’s not consistent with what the believe in. Been there, done that.

      Also have in mind, that even after all those praises to the Tekk, many tarsin still hold a grudge to them. Jahrd made enough mess already, and “hanging around” with the Tekk can still easily be considered a betrayal by most of Oros, all the more so being AVENGED by the Tekk, killing another Tikedi, and it matters not that many tikedi wanted to kill him, and probably would just a moment before the Tekk did so.

      So yeah, people are stupid and like to stick with shitty arrangements 😛

  4. Divergance says:

    Now that was unexpected by me. Now that add a whole new meaning to that bloodied quarrel…

  5. theobservantwolf says:

    DANG. The Tekk are really keeping a close eye on the events surrounding Jahrd, aren’t they? One does wonder about Degur though, was it quick? I’d guess so, as it seems most of the Tekk aren’t unnecessarily cruel. Oh, nice detail on the stitched ear there, ouch!

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