1. Lazy J says:

    Wow poor Calterra she looks so miserable yet she also looks liek she’s still in shock and poor jahrad and his dad wow

  2. Divergence says:

    So after all this time of Denial, Jacind is getting through Anger fast, and then skip over Bargaining right into Depression, and now he gradually getting to Acceptance. Psychology for the masses ๐Ÿ˜€

    Peh, those were some heavy pages. The last chapter has ended at page 119, so I guess that we’re getting close to the end of chapter 2, possibly with Jahrd’s departure to exile ๐Ÿ™

    • Meghan says:

      Those were kind of brutal. When I finished drawing it it made me wish I could pass out cookies to everyone who decided to read it. >>

      The chapter’s winding down, yeah. ๐Ÿ™‚ I keep getting torn between wanting to keep the chapters relatively the same length, and the idea that it’s always best to just write until the work is finished rather than struggling to fit it all into a certain size and shape, but it seems to be balancing out by itself, thank goodness. There’s still a little bit left in this chapter, but not a lot. Definitely not a lot.

  3. Random Reader says:

    So going by the last comic and this I’m leaning more towards a type of edema, fluid in the lungs. IIRC, cystic fibrosis is more…mucus-y than watery. I still suspect that in addition to genetics, there is some environmental trigger for the condition. The fact that he believes he’s “too old” to contract the disease and also spent some time in Tieke City (aka away from any desert-specific environmental triggers) is what points me in this direction. Jahrd’s prognosis is still up in the air, since we have yet to see how his half-breed status may impact the illness.

    By the way, if your medical friend likes sci-fi novels, I recommend the Star Doc series by S. L. Viehl.

      • Random Reader says:

        The author of that series has spent time working in trauma centers, both civilian and military. It’s got some interesting ideas for alien biology.

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