1. The Dragon Tamer says:

    Kirie is tied for being the youngest character so she is likely short on life experience. She is trying to recover from consequences she couldn’t fathom when she reacted.

    Likely her reaction on stage was in part influenced by her Uncle’s anti-Jacind attitude. Perhaps this could be fuelled by a want to show Jahrd the ‘error of his ways’ and to bring him back to a point that he can then be a part of her world as she understand it.

    This test of Kirie will likely be a huge influence on her developing character. She will either rise from this or will be crushed by it. She did help (although to what level we don’t know) to rile a crowd to take direct and violent action against others of her kind. I guess she wasn’t expecting the bullseye painted on her that resulted from her actions, welcome to the wild world of politics and crowd oration. Through all this I think her reaction shows this was not a possibility she considered and she feels awful having played a part getting here.

    Unless bladed weapons are common among the populous they just survived a failed bid to take power and the backlash has either wiped out or send the remaining elders into hiding. I should hope that the average person is not wielding a concealed dagger under their cloak.
    We have a power vacuum unless Jacind can step up and take back leadership and the next question is how much general support does he still have.

    • Meghan says:

      For concealed weaponry, no, it’s definitely not like everyone came to the party armed. Very few. But it’s also probably not entirely necessary for some serious injuries and death to occur. The en masse brute force of a mob is a weapon in itself.

  2. Lazy J says:

    part of me wants to say she did it because she likes jahrid part of me is feeling bad for her and part of me is sreaming step up and take accountability girl

    plus i gotta agree with what divergence said totally about the comic

    • Kimsie says:

      Oooh, she wrecked the town because she Liked A Boy!
      Sorry, kiddo, that’s not a good thing.
      She ought to grow a spine and find herself accountable.

      • Larken says:

        I don’t see her liking him at all. She went from indifferent to antagonistic to self preservation kind of upset when things went wrong. I don’t think that shows much interest in winning him over.

    • Meghan says:

      Indeed. It’s good that someone’s trying to restore order and make peace while the rest of the village licks its wounds.

  3. Divergence says:

    I must remark again that I really like that comic.
    Might be a bit on the talky side for some people, but I find it just good at this.
    Facial expressions are always so precise and authentic, and even when the drama is getting extreme, it doesn’t fall into the cliche category.
    Drawn really well, and the painting is superb, with all those beautiful watercolors (and it keeps getting better! All the lighting looks so good on this page!).
    The universe is thick and rich, and the plot is serious enough to hold a big time drama.

    To sum it all – it’s so great that I wait for monday (though my week starts at sunday).

    I’m eager to find out more of that story! Keep up the good work please! ­čśÇ

    • MikeyLikesIt says:

      I continue to be impressed with how much emotion Meghan gets into these faces considering: 1) fur covered faces–so no lines, 2) animal snouts, which should mess with our “reading” of these faces, 3) the fangs, to which we have a visceral instinctive reaction; also messing with our perceptions. She overcomes this all with deft control of eye shapes, coloring/shading, and other cues. I find it more amazing the more I look at it.

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