• Meghan says:

      There was a discussion three pages back about the bruise and why I chose to make it visible. So you don’t have to go back, here’s the short of it: I needed a visual symbol of his being injured, so I went with an exaggeration in order to make that point.

      And yes, again, would it realistically be this visible? Probably not. But a severe bruise would be faintly visible under, yes, short, white fur. It would certainly enough be spotted by his worried dad on close inspection, especially since Jacind would know exactly where to look. Jacind’s tone definitely does tell us that it’s one super nasty bruise and he’s surprised to see it.

      • Rice says:

        Below white/cream coloured fur a bruise with some scratches through the skin are visible, as far as i can say, that’s for sure. i observe it every time by my cat when she gets a new “scar” through her fighting outside. not to mention the time when she had hurt her leg by her adventure to sneak inside through the window some tidbits of wood and the own weight has done an interesting blue/red mixture below the skin which had shimmered through the short pelt which some bald spots .

        And we can argument that the choker had used his claws from time to time when Jahrd had tried to break free from the grasp, where he has scratched him and stripped the fur too. (spring festival let’s change our Fur for the Summer! \o/ ) 🙂

        • Meghan says:

          Ah, thanks, Rice. I researched the best that I could beforehand, but more confirmation is very nice. That’s pretty much what I was seeing.

          Your cat sounds like one rough and tumble adventurer. =P

  1. StyxD says:

    And I… don’t really feel bad for Kirie.
    Actually, I see Jahrd’s words less as “get away from me, you disgusting traitor” and more like “Kirie, what the hell are you doing, I need to see my dad.”
    And I think it’s not unreasonable for him to prioritize his father over Kirie getting all in his face with her guilt. Mind you, what she’s doing can be read as pretty selfish of her.

    But it’s too early to speculate, right? Maybe Jahrd does hate her guts.

    I’m beginning to think that this speech impediment thing is a pretty handy tool for creating such ambiguous scenes.

    Is it just me, or is Kyrie’s arm in the fourth panel a bit too white?

    • Meghan says:

      Not too keen to weigh in about Kirie, hence my lack of commenting this round. I think it’s better left up to interpretation.

      As for Kirie’s arm: with watercolor paint, the shade or tint varies depending how much water mixes with paint, which is rather impossible to keep precisely balanced every time one fills one’s brush (unless, I’d assume, one is more of a master than little ole’ me; I’m quite the amateur). That’s why all through the story there are shifts of color.

      • Tim says:

        Yup, it’s difficult to mix watercolours to match previous tones. I haven’t as much experience as the venerable Meghan, but in my painting I’ve found it really hard to get it right, especially with brown tones.

  2. Random Reader says:

    He’s far more concerned with his dad right now than her apologies. At least that’s how it seems to me.

  3. Horizon says:

    I guess forgiveness isn’t forthcoming, after the chaos, mayhem, and killing of last night. I think she (and Degur) were only partly to blame. Speaking of Degur, did he survive?

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