Hiatus… Again

I’m just not having a good year for this. x_x

For those of you who have read the author bio, you know that I have a feline helper minion named Aleksi. He’s been my constant companion for three years and an all around delight.

Until now!

This year, this past weekend, as a birthday gift to me to surprise me when I came home from visiting my parents, he decided that it would be wise to swallow something entirely inedible, not just partially as he sometimes does (for example, feathers off his toys that pass right through but give me a heart attack). No, this time was going to be a real show. A feat of stomach strength. This time he wanted to truly prove what he was made of!

Alas. Whatever it was (I’m not brave enough to dissect the culprit, yet), it unfortunately won the battle and instead he wound up with it blocking his intestines.

Not to be thwarted by a miscalculation, however, he is now using the mishap as a way to demand all of my attention for the next week while he heals from a very expensive birthday gift of emergency surgery. Again, just to prove that he is the king of thoughtful, he also made sure to thwart every attempt the vets made to put an Elizabethan collar on him, finding ever more ingenious ways to remove it until they just stopped bothering, and so now my roommate and I have to take shifts making sure he doesn’t lick his wounds. I occasionally apply a make-shift soft collar that he tolerates, but by and large, he’s going to need babysitting until he mends, and that… kind of gets in the way of comic work. It’s tough enough having to go to work.

But he just wants to make sure he spends the maximum amount of time with his favorite humans, because he just loves us that much.

I suppose this is what I get for not paying him for his “employment” with me.


….But no, seriously, I’ve kind of spent the last four days stressed out of my gourd. Haven’t even started the next page when I should be half-way through, because I was too busy making sure he’d recover. I love this little fluffball, even when he bites off more than he should have chewed.

Hopefully next week he’ll be robust enough that I can get back to work here?

Updates for this one pop up from time to time on my Tumblr.

I hope this is the last time this year that something like this happens. Sorry again, guys. You deserve cookies for your patience.


  1. VeryTired says:

    I never understood why animals weren’t allowed to lick their wounds–aside from maybe pulling out their painful and practically useless stitches. Cats and Dogs have special enzymes for this very thing and wounds that are licked, actually heal faster than this way. I mean, feral cats survive all sorts of catastrophic injuries and yet fluffy can not? Vets, I do not understand you.

    Still, here’s hoping of a speedy recovery and don’t worry, this is the internet. Cats come before porn here, so we more than understand. ♥

    Be sure to take a day for yourself too. Sounds like you could use the sleep.

    • VeryTired says:

      Oof, btw, sorry to bother you with this but Kapersky just alerted me to this when I commented. You might want to look into this.

      • Meghan says:

        Blargh, thanks for letting me know. I’m running scans and things are coming up as clean now. If you keep getting the message, let me know.

    • Meghan says:

      I’m not sure on the science of helpful enzymes in saliva (If anyone’s got some reliable sources on that, I’d love to read it. Has it been used to advance any of our medicine? I think that kind of stuff is neat.), but from what I’ve heard and read, when it comes to deep wounds, any benefits of licking are out-weighed by the bad bacteria that also lives in any critter’s mouth. Their incisions can get infected, and I’ve heard some horror stories when it happens, especially because cats hide pain until it’s terrible. If there are enzymes, I could see it being useful for small scratches, probably, but it’s just best to keep surgical wounds as clean as possible to avoid potential infection since the cut goes all the way to their internals.

      Cats are also notorious for ripping out their stitches, yes, and in this case especially I would argue that they were far from useless. They had to cut open his intestines, after all, and I would much rather that be sealed before he was handed back to me.

      Considering what can happen – and how much it would cost to fix on top of what I already paid, not to mention the tax on my sanity if he put a big hole in himself again or if he got sicker – I’d rather play it safe.

      I also really rather doubt that feral cats routinely survive catastrophic injuries in such a way that they bounce right back to normal, which is my goal for my pet. I was raised on a farm, and the wandering cats I knew who weren’t really looked after never lived very long, healthy lives. Kind of brutal and short. When they did survive brushes with disaster, they either did so by pulling ninja moves and barely getting hit, or they came away from it with permanent damage. An injury akin to an abdominal incision would be pretty extreme to heal from without help, I’d think. I can’t imagine they’d come back from it as right as rain as Aleksi did.

      So, in short, if I have the ability to improve quality of life for my goofy fluffball over what I’ve seen happen to wild cats… I certainly will try. For him, and for me. Easier to just know everything’s good.

      I do appreciate the concern, though! And I’m doing my best to take care of myself, too, I swear. >> At my day job we’re in our busiest season but I’m hoping I can take a vacation when that’s over in September. That’d be nice.

      Edited: Because it bugged me that I just got too bloody long-winded. I cut it down a little? A little. Maybe. I’m gonna stop poking this.

  2. Janna says:

    I’m sorry your kitty is giving you a stress-ball. You said he tolerates the soft collar; have you tried an inflatable soft collar? It’s less jabby and gives the little buggers something soft to rest their necks on, so they tend to tolerate it better. If all else fails, you could also try making a “kitty leotard” out of a bit of fabric (like the sleeve of a shirt), with holes for the necessary areas. Just trying to give you ideas that could help with the stress levels. Hope you can relax and the kitty gets well soon.

    • Meghan says:

      He probably would have tolerated an inflatable collar. I actually tried to find one, but alas, no one within range carried them, and I lack a car to get to the big pet stores in the big city (I live in a smaller city on the outskirts of the big one; fewer stores, but more trees =P ). I did end up using a combo of the make-shift soft collar and a sort of kitty leotard to keep him safe. 🙂 It worked, and he healed in record time. Thanks!

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