Filler: A Study of Stripes

Alternative title: Stiggs’ Butt. Because the artist had a major malfunction and needed to skip a week.

Thusly! A butt!

That is all.

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  1. Mr. Ookami says:

    Welp I just read through your comic and just as i hit the next button. This poped up. Great comic cant wait to see more!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just to say, thank you for all you’ve done on your comic so far. It’s a joy to check every week and see what latest watercolour masterpiece you’ve come up with. Hope a good rest will alleviate the burnout at least somewhat.

    • Meghan says:

      Thank you. 🙂 It’s been rough going still, but I think I’m making some headway. Encouragement like this is much appreciated. Thank you!

  3. StyxD says:

    …I guess he’d make a lovely bedroom carpet.

    Also, call me a nitpick, but I can’t shake off the feeling that his feet are just wrong… but maybe I can’t get the perspective.

    Here’s hoping a week’s rest (and a drawing of a butt) will do you some good. 😉

    • Meghan says:

      Pfffft. Legs are probably terrible. Everything is probably terrible. When I don’t use references, the setting of my work promptly becomes bizarro world and anatomy follows suit. e_e

      But this was a brainless doodle done during a phone conversation and it was meant to hide in the Tumblr and vanish swiftly on DeviantArt, not be thrown into the spotlight. So… ehn. =P

      But dang would he ever make a nice rug…

      Someday, in ten million years when I have free time again, I suddenly have an idea for a sewing project.

    • Christa says:

      adamBATTAGLIA Posted on whit, your pictures are unleeibvable. sure, i’m really jealous but also REALLY JEALOUS. congrats on what seems to be a successful trip so far. can’t wait to see the show.

    • Meghan says:

      I have a thing for drop-out techniques, and I almost never get to use it in the comic itself. This was serious catharsis. Thanks. 🙂

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