Where’d She Go?

Still here!

All right, so this page has ended up being a bit more stagnant on my holiday than I’d anticipated. Tumblr’s been very active, but I went sort of whole hog on the vacation from Prophecy of the Circle and drawing anything with a muzzle or a beak wasn’t much fun until just recently (I’m actually missing beaks; we need more beaks). It’s a good sign that I’m back to feeling charged about it. I’d better be! The 19th isn’t that far off.

I’ve been working on things that don’t result in a lot of show and tell as well. There’s been some work on changing up/cleaning up the website that’s coming along all right, and there’s been a whole lot of writing, especially recently. The latter has a bit of a mention over on the Tumblr account which might intrigue a few of you.

More soon, with any luck. Here’s hoping that all of you are doing well out there in the world. <3


  1. StyxD says:

    Do I read right? Annen’s story? Sure I’d like to see it.
    We all love Annen, don’t we?
    Are you going to publish it?

    • Meghan says:

      You read correctly. 😉 It’s just going to be a short story, though. Nothing huge. I’ve actually wanted to do several short stories and novellas about the more minor characters, just to give glimpses into the more complete vision of who they are. They’ve all got so much to tell and it doesn’t all fit in Tangent here. Annen was on my mind first so I’m working on his.

      I’m not sure how I’m going to release it yet – by itself digitally or as part of a print anthology or… something else – but it will indeed see the light of day someday. 🙂

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