Filler Art: Symbiosis

Augh. I had grand designs for the filler art this week, something that would at least take the edge off of the heartache of the last two pages, but last week was even harder on me than I was anticipating. x_x It’s not much and I apologize, but all I could manage was to yank something half-finished out of my sketchbook for you guys.

Next week we’ll get back to the story! Thanks for your patience, guys.


  1. StyxD says:

    The design indeed looks very interesting, although I can’t make it out: is the tekk licking the branch, or is it impaled by it?

    • Meghan says:

      When it’s finished, it’ll be a lot more clear. My sketches are always a mess (thppth; I really wanted something more complete to post today). Plants and branches and fungi are growing out of the tekk all over, including a branch from up out of its mouth.

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