1. Wulfgar Openthroat says:

    From reading the encyclopedia, I’d say they have a fairly layman’s understanding of the tech they were gifted with for the most part, with little in the way of underlying principals. The weapon looks like a speargun – they found some ideas, and figured they could use them to improve on what they already understood – to create a tool to throw a spear better. It could be explosive, or even spring or air driven.

    Tho speaking of spears, they seem kinda poorly designed; they look spiffy, but those barbs’ll just stick in the wound. You get one shot, hope you’ve aimed right, drive it home… because you’ll have a heck of a time removing it, and could easily break off the head.

    Personally I’d opt for a broad leaf-head to create bleeding wounds, or a narrow point that can be more easily driven deep to try to hit vitals or arteries – in either case you don’t want barbs, as they’ll lose you your weapon, and if they don’t, they still make it harder make multipule strikes. I’d also go with a longer shaft.

    Or, better yet, an atlatl – spear-throwing aid. Very much a pre-bow, stoneage force-multiplier. And/or narrow-tipped throwing spears in general, if that’s too advanced. Unless they just suck at throwing and aiming ranged weapons in general? Hunams are suspicously good at it.

    • Larken says:

      Course, we’ve only seen Tarsin spears. They don’t seem to use them for multiple strikes or killing blows. Just driving and holding a tekk. Like back when that one tekk got stabbed in the neck and the point kind of seemed to be to slow the tekk down, not kill it. Then Annen did lose his spear when he used it.

      Kirie killed the recent tekk with swords.

      Maybe the Tieke spear design is different? They’re supposed to be the ones that kill with spears, I think. Maybe they’re just wanting to use the Tarsin spears for something and the design that makes it stay in the wound is important.

  2. StyxD says:

    Later in the Crater, when the two scouts returned with news of Jahrd meeting Aeza…
    Shan’rekk: “Just as planned!”

    Is it just me, or does Jahrd sound a little like he’s politely trying to interrogate her?

  3. Asterai says:

    Tieke not technological, you say? Hmm.

    OK, that makes sense actually. Here’s my guess:

    Some time ago an alien – whether we’re talking star-traveler or just far-traveler – showed up bearing many technological goodies. She, or maybe they, was completely foreign to this part of this world, and did not see the way of things here as inviolate and sacred. Teyka, the seed of what is today Tieke civilization.

    Maybe she died on arrival. Maybe the Tieke killed her, or the Tekk did. Or maybe she stayed for some time.

    Maybe she was just trying to help. The poor Tieke, living in caves, striking rocks together to make a spark, could have their lives improved so much by a few pieces of tech. Maybe she was a saboteur, or maybe she was experimenting to see what she could change, or maybe she never meant to change things at all, but left bits and pieces behind unintentionally, or through carelessness. Any rate, she screwed it all up in ways that no one would fully understand for generations. The balance between tekk and tikedi was too delicate for random injections of progress without direction or understanding.

    The Tieke use what she left behind. They know what much of it does, but not how, not why. They’re still banging those metaphorical rocks together, and at this point there’s a big question whether they even have a scientific method. I’d guess that while some prodigious individuals might, the society as a whole doesn’t.

    Annen’s determined search for a rare plant is suggestive of a certain type of thinking – it’s rare, it’s guarded, it must be precious, a panacea, even though I have no other evidence but fifth-hand rumors about its effectiveness. The tekk hate us, that’s why they keep it from us. Why would taking a rare plant cause other problems? What are you talking about?

    And again, why would the Tieke need Tarsin craftsmanship if they knew anything about metalworking themselves? No – they didn’t even draw those plans. They barely understand them. They found a schematic for a gun, a simple one, and they couldn’t make even that.

    …I read lots of science fiction. That is my excuse for this.

    • Gillsing says:

      I’ve gotten the impression that the tekk are trying to nurture the tikedi so that they can eventually become intelligent/developed enough to help out with the old technology which the tekk and/or the tikedi lost long ago. Perhaps there once was a disaster of some kind which the tekk were better able to survive, but without hands they couldn’t rebuild the lost technologies, so they had to adapt to a more primitive way of life?

    • StyxD says:

      Well, the stuff you’re theorizing about is actually in the encyclopedia so… I guess you’re mostly right?

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