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Tikedi: Tarsin

Jahrd Ardeana
Race: mixed (Tarsin/Tieke)
Age at Introduction: 8
Current Age: 18
Place of Birth: Oros, Tarsin Desert
Known Relatives: Jacind Ardeana (father), Kraelyn Ardeana (mother)

Jahrd is a mixed blood tikedi from the northern province of Tarsin. He is the son of Jacind Ardeana, who is the current Kantreska of the community of Oros, and of Kraelyn Ardeana, a former Priestess of Teyka from Tieke City. Jahrd was born as a rarity in many ways. His half-blood status is something that he shares with very few in Tarsin, where the harsh desert climate is enough to discourage outsiders from even visiting let alone staying long enough to start a family. In appearance, he took a great deal after his Tieke mother, but a recessive gene from his Tieke side resulted in white fur instead of her pale blue or his father’s dark brown. Combined with his father’s stripes and long ears, he’s forever a visible oddity, unable to blend in with either of the people he claims relation to.

Personal tragedy has led him to act in defiance of an unspoken taboo in Tarsin culture, and he has taken it upon himself to study the language and culture of the enigmatic tekk. It is an act that some quietly support, but which most view with apprehension.


Shanka Kaneska
Race: Tarsin
Age at Introduction: 13
Current Age: 17
Place of Birth: Oros, Tarsin Desert
Known Relatives: Balta Kaneska (twin brother), Yaren Kaneska (father), Calterra Kaneska (mother)

Shanka is the son of Yaren Kaneska, the former lead hunter in Oros, and Calterra Kaneska, the community’s healer. He is very serious, shy, and quiet, and although he attempts to do the right thing, he has a bad habit of letting his fears and lack of confidence rule him, which often leads him deeper into trouble.



Balta Kaneska
Race: Tarsin
Age at Introduction: 13
Current Age: 17
Place of Birth: Oros, Tarsin Desert
Known Relatives: Shanka Kaneska (twin brother), Yaren Kaneska (father), Calterra Kaneska (mother)

In direct contrast to his twin brother Shanka, Balta, the current lead hunter of Oros, is perhaps too confident. He is brash, and quick both to act and to speak his mind. His most reckless actions, however, tend to be in service to others.



Jacind Ardeana
Race: Tarsin
Age at Introduction: 26
Current Age: 36
Place of Birth: Oros , Tarsin Desert
Known Relatives: Jahrd Ardeana (son), Kraelyn Ardeana (mate)

Jacind is the current Kantreska of the Tarsin community of Oros and the father of Jahrd Ardeana. He is respected in Oros , although he had quite a time earning that respect and the effects still show in subtle ways. While he maintains the community well enough, he is well known as being a societal deviant, often bending long-established traditions to the point of breaking. Most of his transgressions have been relatively mild (such as his choice to wear a broken skull mask , which is typically considered bad luck) and earned him nothing more than odd looks, but other actions have concerned his people to the point of outspoken worry and threats of action.


Race: Tarsin
Current Age: 16
Place of Birth: Oros, Tarsin Desert
Known Relatives: uncle (name unknown)

Kirie is the niece of one of Oros’ village elders. She’s not particularly outspoken about her views on Jahrd’s interest in the tekk or in any political matters, but her uncle’s blatant distaste for Jahrd, Jacind, and any events that would upset the status quo makes her a concern by proxy.




Calterra Kaneska
Full Name: Calterra Kaneska
Race: Tarsin
Age at Introduction: 30
Current Age: 34
Place of Birth: Oros, Tarsin Desert
Known Relatives: Yaren Kaneska (former mate, separated), Balta Kaneska (son), Shanka Kaneska (son)

Calterra is the mother of Balta and Shanka, and the former mate of Yaren. She is also the healer in Oros, and, for the purpose of keeping a stock of medicinal herbs, she maintains the gardens nearby the village. She is serious and professional in her work, and strives to never let personal feelings stop her from caring for those in need of her care. Her personal life, however, is marred by a selfish streak and an apparent difficulty with empathy beyond the confines of her job, especially in regards to her own family.


Yaren Kaneska
Race: Tarsin
Age at Introduction: 33
Current Age: 37
Place of Birth: Oros, Tarsin Desert
Known Relatives: Calterra Kaneska (former mate, separated), Balta Kaneska (son), Shanka Kaneska (son)

Yaren is the father of Shanka and Balta, the former mate of Calterra, former friend-turned-rival of Jacind Ardeana, and the hunt leader of Oros for many, many years. He is known to be outspoken and aggressive with his opinions, and is fiercely loyal to the old ways and traditions of Tarsin society. Yaren always tries to act for the good of his people, but his temperament leads many to overlook that fact and to fear him instead of respect him. His stubbornness has led to many arguments, especially with Jacind, who he views as an incompetent and dangerous leader who should not have won the position of Kantreska.


Race: Tarsin
Age at Introduction: 16
Current Age: 20
Place of Birth: Gessick, Tarsin Desert

Shensin is the current Kantreska of Gessick. He took up leadership at sixteen, an incredibly early age for the job, and he goes to great lengths to keep others from judging him for his youth. He is a very careful individual in regards to respecting the tekk, and he stubbornly refuses to bend to any who would make requests that might anger them. He is considered by most of his people to be a wise and compassionate leader, despite his youth and apparant lack of experience, and he is well liked.

Tikedi: Tieke

Aurorin Duskeir
Race: Tieke
Current Age: 20
Place of Birth: Tieke City, Tieke
Known Relatives: Annen Duskeir (older brother), twin sister (name unknown), mother and father (names unknown)

Aurorin is the son of two healers in the city who are battling the last traces of an illness that decimated Tieke City’s population. He is an inexperienced but gifted engineer who would love nothing more than to be left in a workshop, taking apart and exploring pieces of ancient Seradin technology and improving  modern Tieke-built devices. Currently he is trying  to use those skills to help his brother, his parents, and his people to recover from their ordeal.

His parents’ affiliation with the Priestesses of Teyka and his own close friendship with Jardren Stiggs – an aide to Tieke City’s Kantreska – sometimes puts him in an awkward position, caught between two sides of much larger, much more political arguments than he’d like. He is logical, blunt, pessimistic and prefers to simply get things done.

He and Priestess Shen Coritani seem to have a rocky romantic history.


Annen Duskeir
Race: Tieke
Age at Introduction: 24
Current Age: 28
Place of Birth: Tieke City, Tieke
Known Relatives: Aurorin Duskeir (younger brother), younger sister (name unknown), mother and father (names unknown)

Annen is Aurorin’s older brother and just as dedicated to the cause of helping his family and people overcome their plight. His passion for the preservation of those he loves has led him even to putting his own life in danger. Whether his decisions are the wisest, however, is debatable. He unfortunately demonstrates marked recklessness, very little care and consideration for anyone who is not a fellow Tieke, and a special disregard for the tekk.

He is involved – along with his younger brother Aurorin, their mutual friend Jardren Stiggs, Tieke City’s Kantreska, and some of the Priestesses of Teyka – in a controversial plan to construct and maintain colonies in the forested land between Tieke City and the Crater so as to allow easier access to tekk territory and its herbal resources.


Jardren Stiggs
Race: Tieke
Current Age: 24
Place of Birth: Tieke City, Tieke

Jardren Stiggs is an aide to the Kantreska of Tieke City, and working with Aurorin, Annen, and some of the Priestesses of Teyka to build and maintain the colonies in the Western Forests of Tieke. He finds great joy in grand plans and negotiations, and carries an air of perpetual reassurance and optimism about him.

He tends to go by his last name instead of his first, even among friends.




Shen Coritani
Race: Tieke
Age at Introduction: 17
Current Age: 21
Place of Birth: Tieke City, Tieke

Shen is a young, somewhat idealistic Priestess of Teyka. It pains her greatly to see her people suffer from the sickness that swept through the city, and she strives to aide them, but her actions are ultimately guided by loyalty to her order, especially the High Priestess. She is particularly vocal on the teachings of Teyka that call for respect of all sentient life, and for a healthy fear of the tekk and of trespassing into their territory. In her mind, they are better left alone, and far away.

She is also a lifelong friend of the Duskeir family, particularly Aurorin, who she’s hinted as having had romantic feelings for at one time, although differences of philosophy have tended to cause a strain between them.



Aeza Coritani
Race: Tieke
Current Age: 32
Place of Birth: Tieke City, Tieke

Aeza is a Priestess of Teyka working as a scout in the Western Forests of Tieke and the fringes of the Crater. Her assignment is to map the location of valuable medicinal plants and resources so that the colonies can eventually expand.

She is a survivor of the sickness that swept through Tieke City, and was left half blind and half deaf, with partial facial paralysis and a bitter attitude towards many of the Priestesses who oppose the construction of the colonies.

Tikedi: Harangin

No records.


Race: Northern Maned Tekk
Age at Introduction: 81
Current Age: 86
Place of Birth: Northern Harlech Tree, The Crater

Shan’rekk is a the leader of the tekk of the Northern Harlech Tree. He is a follower of the oldest traditions of the tekk, which speak of a need for the respect and guidance of the tikedi so that they can reach their full potential and not be dragged down by what the tekk refer to as corruption: when the tikedi lose their respect for the tekk, and become arrogant and aggressive.

It is his personal mission to foster real communication and understanding between the two species and lead them to mutual peace.





Race: Northern Crested Tekk
Age at Introduction: 38
Current Age: 42
Place of Birth: Northern Harlech Tree, The Crater

Ah’tekk was once a scout at the borders between the Crater and tikedi territories until a sudden disappearance. He returned without explanation nearly a year later, changed by his mysterious ordeal, and has since become sullen, fatalistic, and troublesome. He has developed a dangerous hatred for the Tieke tikedi, and was removed from his former scout’s duty by Shan’rekk out of fears that he would do something truly rash. He is no longer allowed to leave the Northern Harlech Tree.

Ah’tekk is strongly opposed to Shan’rekk’s more peaceful methods of dealing with the shaky balance between the two species, and would much prefer to be allowed to cull them as he sees necessary.

Race: Northern Maned Tekk
Age at Introduction: 49
Current Age: 53
Place of Birth: Northern Harlech Tree, The Crater

Renn’tekk is Shan’rekk’s mate and his most trusted friend. She is his second in command and, often, a voice of reason where his idealism would lead him astray. She is logical, strong-willed, loyal, and practical. While following tekk law is deeply important to her, she is willing to bend rules if it serves the greater good.




Race: Northern Maned Tekk
Age at Introduction: 43
Current Age: 47
Place of Birth: Northern Harlech Tree, The Crater

Along with Renn’tekk, Trai’tekk is one of Shan’rekk’s elite guards. He is a personal protector for Shan’rekk, and also takes up the duty of keeping Ah’tekk in check. Trai’tekk is one of very few tekk with the ability to get Ah’tekk to listen and to speak instead of simply brooding.